I believe the capacity for wholeness is innate in all of us, and work with people to cultivate a compassionate, trusting, and meaningful relationship with themselves.

I view therapy as an opportunity to safely allow the parts of us that have been neglected or rejected to be expressed, nourished, and re-integrated in order to experience healing. This has a direct impact on our surroundings and allows for a deeper relationship with the outside world.


I take a genuine, compassionate approach while providing honest feedback that honors our relationship and your relationship with yourself. Together we will be looking at the ways your physical and energetic body has responded to past experiences, and exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings with the intention of alleviating shame and moving into a more secure state of being.


My experience includes over ten years of working in the field of trauma, substance abuse, and eating disorders. I have worked in residential facilities, psychiatric hospitals, domestic violence shelters, and outpatient clinics. I also work with individuals who are struggling with self-doubt, life-transitions, guilt, anxiety, and spirituality. I draw from attachment-oriented, interpersonal, and psychodynamic theories to guide us into the core issues.

I hold additional certifications teaching yoga and meditation. These practices inspire my work towards healing the whole self: mind, body, and soul.